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Bureau Display*
To display, that means to us to bridge the gap between the message and the audience. Underneath the surface that implies two essential questions: «What is the message?» and «Who is the audience?».
is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Switzerland. We bring in personal commitment to connect people, brands and products with their audience. Bespoke, honest and genuine. On- and offline.

We are driven by understanding our work as a journey that links us to inspiring personalities and their visions. Whether for large or small projects, we enjoy to think
We use critical and logical thinking to push ideas forward.
, feel
We like to play and accept our intuition and as a valid justification.
and work
A great idea deserves a great execution. The craft is what enables the potential and translates a concept into a unique visual language. Therefore we draw a strong focus on the quality of our visual products.
with people who are as passionate about what they do as we are. With our clients, we thrive to create positive impact trough design and help to build better businesses.

A transparent work process, and the fact that many of our clients are heavily engaged with their products, often means that projects are more collaborative than commissioned.

Simon Hüsler

Founded Display* in 2016 as a new framework for his ongoing independent design practice. He was a Designer and Art Director for different design studios and builds on over 10 years of experience as an independent designer. During his career he contributed to large-scale projects for institutions such as UPK Basel, Marseille-Provence: European Capital of Culture 2013 or Parsons in New York.

What We Offer

We understand our practice as a holistic approach, rather than just as a visual discipline. We help you to detect potentials, refine Ideas, develop efficient strategies and translate insights into visual products.

Our services are like modules, we join you at whatever stadium you need our help.

  • Strategy & Creativity
    We love to tune-in when things are still in a state of limbo. Here, everything is possible. What is the best way to tackle a challenge? Or even before, what is the challenge? We help you ideate, prototype and iterate to make your ideas happen.
    Strategy & Creativity

    Design Thinking Methods
    Rapid Prototyping
    Project Development
    Brand Strategy
    Design Research
    Creative & Art Direction

  • Identity
    A visual identity makes you unique and recognizable as what you are. How might we translate your vision and ideas into habits, virtues and a visual vocabulary? We create with you a visual language that suits your needs and transmits your identity.

    Corporate Design
    Print Design
    Poster Design
    Interaction & Interface Design
    Brand Guidelines

  • Editorial Design
    How might we give people an understandable, enjoyable or even emotional access to your content? We collect, combine, connect and select to tell your story.
    Editorial Design

    Annual Reports
    … and their online counterparts

  • Information Design
    How might we transmit complex contents understandable, yet not simplified? We help you bringing insights and mental models down to paper (or pixels) so they can become graspable, transmittable, and discussable.
    Information Design

    Knowledge Visualization
    Information Visualisation
    Signage & Orientation Systems
    Exhibition Design
    Interaction & Interface Design

How We Work

Display* is intentionally small, so we make sure to stay agile and focus on what we really care about. However, depending on the requirements of a project, we join forces with our network of Facilitators, Strategists, Designers, Illustrators, Developers, Photographers, Copywriters , etc.

Who We Work For

For everyone — as long as the idea challenges us and we share the values of our clients. Find below a selected list of clients we had the pleasure to work with over the last few years.

CPB-Lab Barcelona
Caretta Weidman
City Golf Shop Zürich
Conscious Initiative Estonia
Civic City Network
Design Schenken
ewz — Elektrizitätswerke der Stadt Zürich
Expedition Honduras
FAI–AR Marseille
Feinheit Kreativstudio
Fidea Design
Golfclub Chreis4 Zürich
Hoffmenstal AG
IKEA Schweiz
Imhof Odinga AG
Marseille-Provence 2013
Metapage AG
Mettler Toledo
Object ECM AG
Odinga Picenoni Hagen AG
Olivero & Bland Studio
Quartiers-Creativs Marseille
Upperclass Clothing

What Else?

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