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The estonian company «Conscious Initiative» is dedicated to provide insights how the ability to notice works, enabling people to develop better knowledge of their situation, potential, objectives and meaning. Trough events and platforms, their goal is to inspire people to explore their intra-personal skills systematically, so they can be healthier, increase initiative and become creatively involved in their work.

Bureau Display* collaborated with CPB-Lab, to strategically build a brand that embodies their values and vision.

Project Details
— Client: Conscious Initiative LLC
— Services: Brand Strategy, Corporate Design, Brand Guidelines
— Partner: CPB-Lab Barcelona
— Products: Printed Matters, Brand Guidelines
Project Details

  • Thought on awareness
  • Translating consciousness into visual characteristics
  • Brand Document — Exerpts
  • — The Brand Document

    The Brand Document is the backbone of the Identity. Here, the DNA, behavior, derivation of the visual language and application guidelines are established. The document functions as a toolset for the client to operate independently, but always consistently according to the brands principles.

  • Applications:

  • Business Cards
  • Pen, Notecard and Tote Bag
  • Videotitles

Brand Strategy: CPB-Lab Barcelona
Design: Bureau Display*

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