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Developed and led by the CPB-Lab Barcelona, the Business Design Thinking® process creates a space for innovation within large enterprises.

We collaborate with CPB-Lab to provide tools to enhance creativity, visualizations to render insights visible and prototypes to push the ideas forward.

Project Details
— Client: Anonymous
— Services: Rapid Prototyping, Creative & Art Direction, Interaction & Interface Design, Information Visualization
— Products: Posters, Prototypes, Presentations
Project Details

  • Note: Confidentiality is important. To respect the integrity of our clients and the sensibility of the information, this Case Study is presented to you only by its structure. Any relevant information has been anonymized.

  • Diverge & Converge Ideation
  • — Ideation

    During the ideation process, quantity is key. After defining a persona and collect as many ideas as possible (diverge), the visualization helps to interact in groups, discuss, connect and vote to converge into the boldest ideas.

  • Digital Prototype
    OnePager «Concept»
  • — Prototype & Iterate

    The Design Thinking approach suggests to think by doing. Ideas are brought as quick and early as possible to reality. In this case, we developed two parallel kinds of Prototypes: 1. A OnePager which synthesizes the concept on one single poster to facilitate a fast interaction in groups and 2. Actual prototypes of the smallest viable product, wether digital or physical, to permit external feedback and real-life testing.

  • Project Pitch Poster
  • — Project Pitch

    There comes a moment in each project when it has to pass the internal gates by presenting it to executives. With this goal in mind, we develop visualizations whose summarize the process to transmit it within a very limited timeframe and strict criteria.

— Strategy & Workshop: Jürgen Salenbacher
— Visual Concept & Design: Bureau Display*
— Ideation & Products: Participants

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