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FAI-AR is an educational institution who emerged from an artistic street art movement in Marseille. It's educational program is dedicated to the writings of public space.

We created the visual communication for the workshops «Sleeping Beauties in Dormant Towns and Landscapes», led by Observatorium and «Design in the Service of a Local Utopia», led by Ruedi Baur.

Project Details
Client: FAI-AR Marseille
Services: Poster Design, Illustration, Editorial Design
Products: Posters, Booklets, Online Communication
Project Details

  • Frontvisual «Sleeping Beauties in Dormant Towns and Landscapes»
  • — Sleeping Beauties in Dormant Towns and Landscapes

    «Build by listening and design what is already there.» — Based on this quote, the key visual integrates the attitude suggested by Observatorium and symbolically consists of shadows thrown by the paper itself. The workshop took place from Vitrolles (France) to Terschelling (Netherlands), from the mediterranean to the north sea, from the urban to the rural, from the outdoor theatre festival Oerol to daily life on one of the Frisian Islands. The visual fades elements of those contrasting worlds and narrates the transition by using typical elements of each.

  • Detailviews «Sleeping Beauties in Dormant Towns and Landscapes»
  • Frontvisual «Design in the Service of a Local Utopia»
  • — Design in the Service of a Local Utopia

    This workshop took place in the northern neighborhoods of Marseille. The visual references to the architectonical brutality of this region. Appearing monstrous and inhuman, the visual builds up to an impossible perspective. Small figures populate the scenery, interacting with interventions who try to break down the context to a human scale which makes connection possible.

  • Detailviews «Design in the Service of a Local Utopia»

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