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Expedition Honduras is a guided experience inviting you to discover the hidden gems of Honduras. A country whose beauty lies widely undiscovered underneath the surface of often negative connotations. Those are reality, but there is more to it. Much more. Expedition Honduras invites to another narrative of this Central American republic.

Working on small brands has something intrinsically beautiful to it — playful, moldable, personal and handcrafted. It is a very personal brand indeed. The owner, Marcos Peña builds on his experience with his own country and thrives to make it's beauty accessible to others.

We built a brand that is not ashamed of breaking it down to a single person and it's vision. On the contrary, we identified this as a key value. Distinct from others and a highly valuable «why» to which people are able to connect with.

Project Details
— Client: EXP-H GmbH
— Services: Brand Strategy, Creative & Art Direction, Corporate Design, Print Design, Interaction & Interface Design
— Products: Printed Matters, Communication Tools, Responsive Website.
Project Details

  • Inspiration
  • — The Thoughts Behind

    How do we stimulate imagination without generating disappointment at the first encounter? How do we create an appealing brand without loosing the personal aspect? How do we incorporate the imperfection the expedition inevitably will have? Tricky questions. In the end, the language has to immediately match with Marcos the moment he hands you out one of his Business Cards. And further — traveling to Honduras — what you have seen before should gain meaning rather than loosing it.

    Our aim was to tap into the explorer-me of the audience, waking a feeling of «i want to know more about that». We let us inspire by old letters reporting from brave expeditions and scientific illustrations narrating a yet unknown world — and found a promising imperfection in those elements.

    We wanted the experience to start the moment you get in touch. First thing you receive as a confirmation is your personal travel journal with your name on it. Imagination can start here. A carefully selected range of materials and an always personal communication underline that attitude.

  • Stationary and communication
  • Keyvisuals
  • Website on tablet
  • Website on desktop
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Keyvisual 1 based on: 'Plantain banana (Musa paradisiaca L.): fruiting branch with sections of flowers and fruit. Chromolithograph by P. Depannemaeker, c.1885, after B. Hoola van Nooten.' by Berthe van Nooten Hoola. Credit: Wellcome Collection License: CC BY

Keyvisual 2 based on: Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.): fruiting and flowering branch with separate numbered sections of flowers, fruit and seed. Chromolithograph by P. Depannemaeker, c.1885, after B. Hoola van Nooten. 1885 By: Berthe van Nooten Hoolaafter: Pierre Joseph DepannemaekerPublished: [1885] Credit: Wellcome Collection License: CC BY

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