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Marko is a successful wedding photographer. With Ivana — his partner, accomplice & girlfriend — they travel the world to capture memories of a lifetime.

Beautiful. But. Underneath the success, a need for change grew bigger each time they fell to bed exhausted from a long flight. What sounds like an exciting life to others, became an unsustainable lifestyle for them. Eventually, the wish became bigger than the fear of stepping into uncertainty. Marko & Ivana made the bold call to start a new story. Something with soul, something local, something lasting for the future. A family business — a specialty coffee shop in the old town of Hvar, Croatia.

Project Details
— Client: Kava37
— Services: Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Corporate Design, Print Design
— Products: Printed Matters, Online Communication, Packaging, Signage
Project Details

  • That was the first email we got from Marko a while back. Now, a few months later, Hvar is running on caffeine from Kava37. Here’s the story of how it came to be:

  • Envisioning coffee

  • «I have three passions in my life» — Marko explained in our first meeting — «Photography, my guitar and COFFEE. That's where you come into play.»

    We started off by understanding their motivations and needs. This is not only a process where we obtain information, but a powerful moment to challenge the ideas of our clients and see them getting closer and clearer with each question thrown in. We read between the lines and offer new perspectives on their business blueprint.

  • Sketches, iterations & tests
    Sketches, iterations & tests
  • Colors to express identity

  • Very soon, there was no doubt that we were surfing the same wave and jumped into the ideation process. Mood boards, drafts, thoughts and sketches where played back- and forward in a digital ping pong. Each ping, we got closer to a shared imagination. Each pong, the ideas became sharper.


    Like for most businesses starting out, budget was a constraint. And if that wouldn't be enough of a hustle, unpredicted construction work almost let their dream die before it even began. Every client has a unique context, our service is to detect the opportunities within each of them. Responding to the specific challenges of this situation, we decided for a scalable design that would have a strong but flexible core. Lightweight, to get the business off the ground. Thought to scale, to grow and evolve as revenues start to flow in.

  • Logo & exterior view
  • Nice cups you got there
  • Stationary & packaging details
  • Coffee to go
  • Space & juice
  • Stationary & wallart
  • Have a break

  • Kava37 became a brand that grew from within. A business that is built on values and attitude. A business that is implemented within the local community of Hvar, not despite. And then, behind the bar the most valuable thing, a smiling couple, brewing cold coffee and squeezing fresh local oranges.

  • The neighbours

  • We are honored to be part of their new story. One that took off very promising and once more left us with the insight that working with clients we share values with is the foundation for a rich process.

    Proudly closing with their words:
    «Once again, you over delivered. We are so thankful for having you on board with us and really appreciate you going out of your way to make this thing possible. I highly doubt there is a small café out there with more professional and better looking branding!»
    — Marko & Ivana

  • A vision to follow

  • What about you? What's your next step? Want a new venture getting up and running or are at crossroads with an existing one? Talk to us, we would love to play some idea ping pong with you.

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Photographs by Marko Marinkovich

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