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In 2013, Marseille became the cultural capital of Europe. Various artists intervened in the urban space as part of the program «Quarters Creative». As a counterpart to the many downtown projects, this program focussed on the city's margins. The project «The Prototype as Tool for Transformation and Dialog» conciliated by Ruedi Baur for the Civic City Institute speculated on the bottom-up power of a prototype to stimulate a discussion around the heavily fragmented and stigmatized areas of La Viste and Les Aygalades.

Simon Hüsler from Bureau Display* conducted research and co-created the project «Belvédère». A physical place to gather and discuss, situated exactly on the margin between the two separated areas. The location was crucial to the project in two ways — 1. By its mere existence, it built a bridge to an unaccessible area that connects one to the other neighborhood and 2. It offered a privileged view over the area.

A giant 360° map on top of the «Belvédère» rendered visible forgotten gems of the territory and introduced at the same time a utopia of a possible future. By blurring the line between the existent, the possible and the impossible we set the stage to rediscover and reimagine the area.

Project Details
— Project Owner: Committee Marseille-Provence 2013
— Institutions: HEAD — Genève, Civic City Insitute
— Partners: Centre Social del Rio, Lézarap’art, Atéliers Sudside
— Services: Design Research, Knowledge Visualization, Signage & Orientation Systems, Exhibition Design
— Products: Prototype, Cartography, Printed Matters

For more informations, please see credits.
Project Details

  • The Context
  • Initial Approximations
  • Project Development
  • The Map
  • Impressions
  • Ephemeral Wayfinding in Collaboration With Residents
  • Visual Communication

— Project Owner: Committee Marseille-Provence 2013
— Institutions: HEAD — Genève, Civic City Institute
— Concept & Organisation: MP13, Ruedi Baur, Imke Plinta, Vera Baur
— Project Belvédère: Farzaneh Bahrami, Simon Hüsler
— Researchers 12/13: Farzaneh Bahrami, Laetitia Cordier, Simon Hüsler, Carmen Virginia Grisola, Julien Rodriguez, Adelin Schweitzer, Aline Henchoz, Anna Müller, Damien Gross, Alexandra Guinea, Alberto Olocese, Anne Saint-Jean, Romas Stukenberg, Leah Tillemans
—Partners: Centre Social del Rio, Lézarap’art, Atéliers Sudside
— Cartography: Simon Hüsler (360° Map), Julien Rodriguez (Project Development)

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